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A Mad Affair

A mad affair

We are always recording. Actually I want to make the next twelve months a real peak, get really focused on the best of my older songs, and record them and do great versions, and some new songs. The second album has been recorded quite a while but it is taking us ages to finish producing it, it just needs tweaking. It is a mad affair, maybe the first one was? I really like it in as much as it is strongly orientated in a r&b/ rock & roll direction. There is even a dash of country, one track sounds like Dylan's Blonde On Blonde era, an R&B/soul/country hybrid with a riff derived from, I think, Johnny Thunders.
Then there's the Stooges one, multi tracked i.e. four bass tracks on top of one another and ten guitars overlaid playing he same part, but the parts are ultra simple, it blows the speakers out! Hindenburg which may be saved for the third album, features old friend Dave Kusworth who's guitar parts we edited and pieced together over six production sessions, it is fundamentally a garage rocker recorded in a church hall. Psychedelic Ice Cream Man is another garage style tune, influenced by The Seeds and 13th Floor Elevators, its good I promise. But the "LP" is more diverse, every track sounds different entirely, to stop boredom! Who wants every track to sound the same, not me vicar I'd get bored stiff.
The curate had a notion
That a tube of body lotion
Would lubricate my vowels
And enervate my bowels
Actually that's gone far enough, where were we. Searching for a beer/looking for a kiss/ to spend tonight in my lover's arms/not in solitude's abyss. Do you like that?
We danced beneath willows weeping/upon the ground did lie/all life hung in suspension/ beneath star scattered skies
I don't know if my music will ever get the exposure it needs to reach a wider audience, I am propped up by constant support from those who like the music. Thanks it is appreciated very much, and I hope the music really delivers.

Reading the Village Green Machine blog. A Mad Affair