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Backwards Alarm Clocks

Good to be recording with the band.  I've recorded a lot of solo stuff , but the results with the band are encouraging, it's sounding good. We did an instrumental, called Flapjack. Jason will soon lay down bass. It's a very funky kind of thing, based on an old 60s tune. Reverb and compression, tape and valves..I'm reminded a little of Booker T but may not put organ on it.

Our's isn't just an ordinary band. Recording planned with r&b/soul singer Boogie in a few weeks. I continue recording acoustic stuff, too. All mid 60s influenced, I like the colourful shades of sound around in the 65-8 period, so much was possible in popular music then, and, as music moved on into other territory, I feel a certain territory was lost, which I suppose I/we are re exploring in fact I like to call the music retro 60s. I just aim right back there sound wise but of course I go backwards to go forwards, I can't do much without good creative content so it is always a challenge to come up with fresh music, good stuff, then it gets a 60s work over sound wise. And it irritates NME types which is fine, their fixation on the now shuts out something like Village Green Machine, and actually I don't give a shit about compromising what I do to fit with expectations, you can't be a free artist if you worry about things like that. So we are free to do what we want to do, and we're going to get loaded etc etc...I always did like Primal Scream. The experimentation with the past and the avant garde atmosphere.

I experiment plenty, the Kevin Junior song I have recorded for instance is 60s psych but trying new ideas all throughout the recording, in fact 6 months of production went into it, a lot of sound collage stuff. We recorded a cat crying, put it backwards and through effects, and of course it sounds like nothing on earth, and that is in the song. Backwards alarm clocks, it's a terrifying sound with echo and a halls worth of reverb on it, and that goes into the song. If you push a sound through electronics, what will it become? I never know, but this kind of experimentation has more perhaps to do with Delia Derbyshire than Gerry and The Pacemakers. So anyway the results are satisfying, but it is really pushing the boat out to put such strange sound effects into a record. It is a noise element. Beatles Magical Mystery tour springs to mind, or Brian Wilson, at least in terms of a pioneering spirit, and it frustrates me when people put the Kinks tag on VGM. Ok the name of the band was inspired by their great album, but I am not in the business of raking up their sound and leaving it at that. I mix things together and other ideas occur to me, anything goes within certain parameters. I hope you like the music, there is some here at the website to hear and download.

Mark Lemon

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