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Climb aboard

VILLAGE GREEN MACHINE Ok, the band is a phenomenon, in the rehearsal studio. Really difficult to get gigs though. Really bad!!  Sorry if this feels a bit uptight, I am trying to put it to you in a way I think will be instructive but since this isn't a PT class I'll just chat. Yeah the music business breaks your heart sometimes, it really kicks the shit out of your soul. Dreams get kicked up the gutter. But, what I like is that the music we make is in a sealed compartment, removed from all the bollocks of the music business. All the let downs, which can be incredibly upsetting and distressing if you want to be a rock & roll star (and know you could be) can't touch the music, which I find in this band is incredibly pure, aggressive, subtle, full of emotion and spirit. So all the people in the business who have let us down can't hurt the music, much as they have hurt me. The music is immune to them, hooray. And it is a celebratory thing.

I am in this incredible band. We learnt how to get a great sound, how to set the guitar sound to make it work. And the boys had a great sound already. I know how to write a good song, I won't go into analysing it all but we are experienced musicians and somehow, out comes this amazing music, now, this is true...we ALL in the band excuse caps know the band is good. It really is a special thing in life, a very valuable thing to be in a good band.

Life's a bastard frequently and to be in a great band is a great thing. (Website with sounds, address at the bottom of this message.) Also you can get some good free downloads... So yeah it (the band) sounds a little bit like The Who in 1966, or The Creation with Chuck Berry. Or The Byrds, or Arthur Lee...and I will come clean on this and say, the boys in the group dig Black Flag and Hawkwind. So they have power, a great backdrop to what I put in the pot. Jason Holgate on bass likes Jefferson Airplane and early Floyd and Syd in a big way, which I do. He wears flares, plays through a huge valve amp. So, we are empathetic and also Jason is a sophisticated musician, subtle and skilled. Paul Collins on drums always played the best 4/4 in town. They're good. Very, very good. And I bring my songs, singing and guitar playing in, and it gels.

Do you know, Village Green Machine are always on the radio. Were on radio 2 and 6, on the radio in Texas regularly, in Italy, on John Cavanagh's show a while back which went out in various countries. The radio people are absolutely amazing, in their support and it means a lot to me, because ... it means a lot lets leave it at that. It really does. So much airplay, some in Ireland and get this, New York on Andy Rourke from The Smiths show. I'm his friend he says, well peace be to him and love from me because that group he was in...have inspired my latest acoustic recordings.I like Andy. I just want to communicate with VGM fans, and say hi and stuff and talk to you? about what we're up to. Please do climb aboard the Village Green Machine.

The band is so good and so intense and sorted, I will conclude by saying the whole point of this as far as I am concerned is to make good music which is part of the remedy, yuk I hate that word but I'm not editing this, .....ok I'm a bit pissed here, what I am trying to say is pop music has evidently gone down the pan and the point of me/VGM making music is to help redress the balance towards good pop music. I set out to make great music, I try every time to do that. To be straight, I hate manufactured modern music, urban music generally and it's aesthetics, and also Indie music and a lot of adult serious music, except Fleet Foxes and PW. And I see the wellspring of pop as having run dry.(PS I partly blame IRONY in music, always hiding incase someone thinks being literal is uncool)

I like the flashes of great music in the past, the 60s I think was full of lightning flashes of sheer brilliance and it will always be my favourite decade. But then there are things from other decades, we all know this. If I say Eddie Cochrane, The Stone Roses, Pulp, ok maybe just Common People, The White Stripes and The Strokes, Tom Petty and Patti Smith, David Bowie, maybe I am linking dispirate things together with the common thread that they were all brilliant, I think. I just want to be part of that, and for the band to be part of that and, we can do it, we're doing it already, and if you dig this then please spread the word because that's the way to make Village Green Machine popular, to get us out of obscurity cos actually we don't have anything other than word of mouth at the moment and I know how powerful that can be. Thank you for any support you will give us, take care and do sign up for this blog on your RSS feed. Love, Mark Lemon, Village Green Machine. You can hear me/us here and get a download.

Reading the Village Green Machine blog. Climb aboard