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Entertaining Mr Sloane

Entertaining Mr Sloane


Entertaining Mr Sloane


here I am waiting in the wings/like rope around mist my dreams I have kissed/like promises told to children I wait with preying eyes upon life's elusive glittering prize/and you know damn it deserve it now/damn it I deserve it now.

Purple Haze Odyssey and Oracle Odessa Revolver Forever Changes too I want the scent of the crowd the hum the glory of cheers and the records I make should spin not download I am looking back down music's illustrious back roads and I ain't finished yet. 

So anyway hello and a cheery smile I've been reading Orton watching Mr Sloane sitting in bed transfixed and drawn into his world of rising personal power fame long arriving/ the mischievous defacement of library books adventures unmentionable and Halliwell, whose malignant diseased mind exploded/ Orton battered to death by hammer blows yet the legacy shows a talent irreverent idiosyncratic and mischievous... Orton's I mean... look on Youtube see the black eyes dart around entrapped on a conservative panel game/ set to misbehave he did so to comic roguish effect... while all the time Haliwell imploded Joe did not see psychological disintegration personality dissipation this man unable somehow to liberate himself from his own sorry drama except by murder and suicide... and then there are the darker aspects...


Give mercury a channel it can run down and it will:-)


And the work lives on. Orton's work lives on.

Reading the Village Green Machine blog. Entertaining Mr Sloane