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I've been reading Joe Ortons Diaries

I've been reading Joe Ortons Diaries


goodafternoon revellers let the joy begin/as I pirouette upon a table my whole world in a spin/ darkly shadows cast bleak days do they suggest/but still clutch my dreams close to my chest/whipping a dog is no way to alleviate its pain/ running drops of water trickle down a drain/like the time I spend waiting but I shalln't wait in vain/I've been reading Joe Orton's diaries

More finishing production on the second album, I did a psychedelic effect on a cymbal, reversed it and added echo and panned it madly from side to side in the mix. This on one which only Damon Minchella has heard apart from we at VGM. He said he thought my stuff great, but too retro for his tastes :-)


They don't sound like anyone else's records though. Tomorrow I start recording some early songs which rank among the best. Will be experimenting a lot. The basis is there, the structure, then try experimental stuff within the established context of the song.


Talking to a jazz guy, may be going for the same bass/drums/organ/guitar lineup as Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd now, which I think would work great for the live incarnation of VGM.


Hi all good friends by the way! I have true friends on FB.


I'm wondering where Mark Lamarr will pop up? He was a champion of my music, was sad his programmes went, best things on the radio. So diverse,challenging and uncompromised, a valued part of our cultural life, it is a shame. But what will he do now?




Reading the Village Green Machine blog. I've been reading Joe Ortons Diaries