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Rock & Roll was the red carpet

Village Green Machine, well, got in the studio and did a Link Wray/Thunderbirds style instrumental, the sound is primitive, the music simple, it rocks and would be great film music.

Also did a T Rex inspired song, drums bass guitars vocals. Wrote it and the other song and recorded them in 3 hours, the lyrics took 10 minutes, and I just made up the instrumental and recorded it. Totally knackered later, especially after moving an entire band's worth of equipment to and from the hall where we record. We work at an incredible rate, go with first takes on all the instruments, and soon we have a rock & roll record. It took The Troggs 2 hours to record Wild Thing, The Kinks only had about that much time, in which they made some of the best pop records ever. So I relish the pressure. It gives the result energy, it ain't perfect but who gives a **** about perfection, not I.

So I recorded all the tracks on these records, but soon Paul and Jason will be on the records. Should be really good. I mean they are, just ridiculously good. We all get on, there is a musical and social chemistry, we're all grown ups, no silly issues, it goes great. I am very grateful for and pleased about the publishing and record company interest, LP 2 is I promise a killer.

Details coming soon, for a gig/60s discoteque in Kings Heath, the bohemian side of the city of Birmingham. Yes, there is one, a sanctuary:) From chavs:)) No, some of the chavs are ok but there are 4 million of them here and some of us had to get out. Rock & roll was the red carpet we trod to leave the cultural landscape of Birmingham. Also coming up on June 9th at Birmingham's Sunflower Lounge, Queensway, Birmingham It's a bit tough after Nikki Sudden shows and an Indie no 1 LP in Germany with Jacobites, but that's ok.

Also looking forward to recording with white r&b/soul sensation Boogie, one of Britain's best r&b vocalists. We are lining up cover versions, I have my eye on freakbeat groover Hold On by Sharon Tandy, and maybe The Flirtations Nothing But A Heartache. Walking On Sunshine, we could do that, a northern soul meets The Monkees version with Boogie singing.

Love Mark

Reading the Village Green Machine blog. Rock & Roll was the red carpet