Mark Lemon

The UK band Village Green Machine, began as a Mark Lemon solo project, inspired in part by producer Daniel Lanois, whose unorthodox choices of recording locations led to Lemon’s decision to record the album England's Dreaming Spires in a church hall, using vintage equipment. This album led to worldwide airplay, including BBC Radios 2 and 6.

The Mark Lamarr Radio 2 session featured Paul Collins, a veteran of avant garde bands who toured and socialised with Maureen Tucker and Sterling Morrison. Soulful R&B bassist Jason Holgate completes the Village Green Machine lineup.
Lemon - “A very simple lineup of bass, drums, guitar and vocals can sound perfect and complete if it is done well enough. The Stone Roses did it, The Smiths...and the fantastic Johnny Kidd and The Pirates. Everything has to be right. The songs, the music, the production, the presentation, and the live performance”

The music itself is experimental, the songs of pop structure, fitting loosely perhaps with the current psychedelic renaissance.

Afternoon Tea

Lemon is known to admire the lyrics of Morrissey, Ray Davies and Noel Coward, and to have a fondness for the suburban poetry of John Betjeman. The songs tend towards character portraiture, such as White Plastic Moccassins (no 1 on an Irish download site) and often utilise an almost journalistic observational style, allowing the words to create a poetry of their own.

From The Likely Girls album:-
Personal Doomsday

The Key

Have You A Wife

The Cavern Club, Liverpool

The Likely Girls album

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